Minister's Message

CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor 405.341.3544

Last week I had the privilege of taking 26 high school students and six adult sponsors on our summer mission trip. If you haven't heard, we went to a unique mission trip destination: Oklahoma City.

More than a year ago, we began an intentional process of evaluating the mission experiences we offer each summer. This is some of the most valuable time we have with our students, so it is crucial we make the most of it and are intentional about the ways we spend our time. We looked at the different kinds of trips we typically do over the course of a student’s seven years in youth ministry, and we asked ourselves: 1) what things were great, 2) what things needed to be adjusted, and 3) what were the gaps in our program design? One of the gaps we identified was this idea of local mission. It is not uncommon for us to get in a bus and drive to another state to help people in need, but we were missing that same kind of experience that is so needed right in our own backyard.

So, last week we stayed with our brothers and sisters at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and partnered with eight organizations already doing outstanding work in our community. We focused on issues of homelessness and poverty in downtown Oklahoma City and across our state for both a hands-on service opportunity and a chance for education on the enormity of these problems in our state.

I hope you get the chance to talk to our students about this trip. It may not have been the most exciting destination for a mission trip, but I have no doubt it has been one of the most meaningful and eye-opening trips we’ve taken. If you get a chance, ask one of the youth who attended what they thought; ask them what they learned, what they experienced, and how they were changed by this trip. You might just catch a glimpse of the outstanding character and passion for God and God’s people these students embody so well. We thank you, our First Christian Church family, for your prayers and support that make life-changing trips like these possible and meaningful to so many.

Student participants: Kate Adkins, Mike Adkins, Evelyn Baker, Bryan Becker, Blake Becker, Carter Cain, Jackie Carder, Andy Deal, Cora Deal, Delaney Ernst, Ali Fitzgerald, Tatum Fondren, Emily Gresh, Justin Hoppe, Jaxon Humphrey, Katie King, Jimmy King, Theo Kinnaird, Sam Roberts, Logan Rust, Paxton Shorow, Ryan Watts, Mike Watts, Jamie Werhun, Shelby Wilkerson, Megan West Adult Sponsors: Shauna Becker, Brian Cain, Jaima Carder, Steve Hanson, Charles Hoppe, Jennifer Humphrey