Minister’s Message

CONTACT: Rev. Micah James 

First Christian Church Family - one of my favorite scriptures, and one that guides my ministry in Faith Development, is Proverbs 22:6, “Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray”. I see this as a guiding principle for all of us, not just children. We are called to learn, teach, listen, and repeat. We have to learn the what and the why, not just the who and the when. When we dive deeper into this kind of learning, our faith deepens, and we experience familiar things in new ways.

Holy Week is a great opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences with your church. No other time in the church calendar can you experience a wide range of diverse spiritual practices, worship, and prayer in such a condensed time frame.

Our church has developed resources for individuals and families to learn more about the rhythm of Holy Week, beginning Palm Sunday and ending on Easter. This outline, which you can download by clicking this link, includes readings, history, scripture, and activities. 

I hope you will use this outline to learn more about Holy Week and to fully participate, with you mind, heart, and soul, in the faith development opportunities this week has in store. Blessings to all!