Director’s Message

Dear Child Care Center Families,

Change is in the air! The construction for the new infant rooms was completed in one week and we were able to move them to their new classrooms! We are still working out all the details, but the infants are exploring their new environment. Since the infant rooms now have separate identities, we decided they need new names as well. So the class that was Angels 1 will be the Piglets; and the Angels 2 class will be the Pandas

Most of our other age groups have an older and a younger class so that we can target the curriculum to a group of children within 6 months of each age. We will be changing the infant rooms to meet this criteria in the fall. The Pandas will be our younger babies and the Piglets will be the older babies.

Transition week for all of the classes will be the week of August 14-18. The transition will work as it has in the past, with one age group promoting each day that week. We will start by moving the pre-k children that are going to kindergarten upstairs to the school age program on the 14, followed by the 3 year olds on the 15 and so on. Also, new students (including our Mother's Day Out) will be starting on August 21.

In the spring one of our amazing teachers suggested that we begin using a “shout out board” for teachers, students and parents to post notes about great things they had seen a staff member do.  This makes it possible to acknowledge their great effort! We would like to extend an invitation to the parents to give “shout outs” to teachers as well. The board is located outside of the middle office at the hallway intersection in the Day Care. Even if you don’t place a note on the board, please take the time to read shout outs and see what awesome things are going on in the center!

Jeremy Miller, Director
First Christian Church Child Care Center

Dates to Remember

• August 9 - Fifth grade field trip
• August 10 - School-age parent dinner for all 3 groups
• August 14 -18 - Transition week
• August 21 - New students arrive
• August 28 -September 1 - Welcome Week & Celebration

Did you know… 

We are now enrolling Before & After Care for Pre-K students.  We offer transportation to and from Edmond Public Schools!  Contact our office at 341-2626 to register your child.


• The Child Care Center will be transporting Pre-K through 5th grade to and from Edmond Public Schools.  Please let us know your child's transportation needs for the coming school year.
• Water play will end on August 11.
• Sleep items are sent home every Friday for washing.

Outstanding Employees of the Month

Robert Gordon - Lead Teacher, Thunder
Robert has been employed with FCCCCCM since August 2016. At the beginning of the summer, Robert stepped into a leadership role. However, it did not take long for others to recognize that he was a natural-born leader. Robert is dedicated, dependable, organized, and focused. He has built healthy relationships with co-workers, parents, children and supervisors. Robert is a team player and is respected by his peers. We have enjoyed seeing him work in his area of strengths. Robert is bright and offers great ideas and solutions. We are blessed to have him on our team. For these reason and more, we elect Robert Gordon as our Outstanding Employee of the Month!

Carley Michela - Teacher, Thunder
Carley joined the Child Care Center in January 2016. She is a wonderful employee! She is kind, dependable, and very dedicated! Carley’s love for children is overflowing. She treats them with respect and shows them compassion. It is no wonder her major is Child Development! She has an exceptional way of connecting with the school age kids. It is obvious that Carley’s passion is to help children. We are blessed to have Carley on our team! For these reasons and more, we elect Carley Michela as Outstanding Employee of the Month!

Brian Haley - Teacher, Thunder
Brian has been a seasonal employee since June 2009. Mr. Haley is an elementary school teacher in the fall and spring, but during the summers, he is Mr. B! Brian is a dedicated member of our staff and to the First Christian Church congregation.  He is dependable and works hard. Brian helps out with most field trips and is willing to help where needed. He works with humility and is respected by those around him. Brian’s experience as a teacher and a parent himself, gives him wisdom when it comes to connecting with young children. He is patient and understanding.  Brian has been a great asset to the Center! For these reasons and more, we choose Brian Haley as Outstanding Employee of the Month!

Have A Very Happy August Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
August 1 - Andrew W. & Morgan W.
August 2 - Avery P.
August 3 - Piper M.
August 6 - Blair M. & Joplyn G.
August 9 - Adeline H. & Parker F.
August 11 - Madelynne S.
August 12 - Madilyn W.
August 14 - Kayla P.
August 15 - Sidney Rose L.
August 17 - Emery M.
August 19 - Hayley T.
August 24 - Tristan M.
August 26 - Tatum S.
August 28 - Rebecca Belen L.
August 31 - Matthew Y. & Charlie M.

Child Care Center Staff:
August 1 - Alaina Jones & Elizabeth Brauer
August 3  - Hannah Randell
August 4 - Brianna Nash
August 12 - Carley Michela
August 18 - Christian Melman, Karen Endicott & Kambrie Patton
August 27 - Logan Mitchell
August 28 - Chloe Baird

A Message from Rev. Micah

August is a month of anticipation - back to school routines will soon find their rhythms again. In many ways August can be a time to set new goals and make new plans, like a second opportunity at a new year!

2 Corinthians 5:17 (CEB) reminds us that “if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived!”

Why not take this opportunity of a new school season to make new choices?

Here are some ideas:

1. Before calendars get full, save one night a week for family dinners.
2. Create a Saturday morning tradition - library, park, pool, etc
3. Institute Family movie nights once a month - put it on the calendar now! (Redbox is your friend)
4. Find a place and time to worship together. If you need help, I'm happy to help you find the right place even if FCC isn't the right time or place for you. It is important to me that you find a home church to worship in.

I hope you take this season as an invitation to start fresh. Blessings to you and yours.

Rev. Micah James
Associate Minister of Faith Development

Closing Thoughts…

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.” Magic Johnson