Director’s Message

Dear Child Care Center Families,

While planning for summer is in full swing, we are also setting our sights on our fall classrooms. Enrollment for Private Kindergarten and Before & After care for school age children has begun and Tuesday, April 11 will begin our Pre-Kindergarten enrollment.

The Child Care Center offers a variety of options for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes:

  • Public Pre-Kindergarten is in collaboration with Russell Dougherty Elementary School and housed in our building. For 14 years, Mrs. Jennifer London, along with a teaching assistant, have taught this class. The Russell Dougherty class meets from 8:30-11:00am each morning, using Frog Street curriculum through the Edmond Public Schools. For the hours outside of the Russell Dougherty time, we have Child Care Center teachers lead and teach the class using Center curriculum. We serve three meals a day to this class and they have a naptime from 1:00-3:00pm. This class is a little larger than the private class with 20-22 children.
  • Private Pre-Kindergarten is taught by Mrs. Monica Townsdin, a teacher at The Center for almost four years. This will be her second year teaching this class. Mrs. Monica is very hands on with her teaching and incorporates many different resources into the daily activities. Her class is play based, with learning activities incorporated into centers along with direct instructional times. They have the same meals and naptime as the public classroom and share outdoor times. The Private Pre-Kindergarten class generally has an enrollment of 16 children.
  • The Center also offers a Private Kindergarten class. This class is a small classroom environment with one-on-one instructional time. This will be our 10th year to offer this class and Mrs. Angie Reynolds’ 4th year as its teacher. We use Abeka curriculum, a curriculum that teaches from a Christian perspective. Mrs. Angie teaches the children Bible verses as a Christian supplement as well. The class has had great reading success, with many of the students reading by the end of the year. This is a wonderful class if you want a small Kindergarten class environment, your child just missed the age deadline to be in a public school class, or you would like a Christian emphasis in your child’s schooling.

On Tuesday, April 11, we will e-mail a link to parents to enroll in the Pre-Kindergarten classes. If you would like your child to be enrolled in our Private Kindergarten class, please contact the front office.

Jeremy Miller, Director
First Christian Church Child Care Center

On the Calendar

• Thursday, April 13 – School Age Easter Party
• Friday, April 14 – Infants – Pre-K Easter Party


•  Please take home all sleep items on Fridays to launder.
•  Please sign up new school age students for the Summer Program!

Did you know… you can receive important announcements such as inclement weather closings via text? To opt-in, e-mail Heather Portillo at with your cell phone number and the name of your cell provider.

Congratulations to our Teachers of the Month!

Mariah Wicks – Assistant Teacher, Floater 
Mariah has been employed with The Child Care Center since November 2015 and is dedicated and dependable. Mariah is professional and knows how to work with different age groups. She is calm and gentle with children and works well with other staff. Mariah not only has a passion to encourage children, but also loves to praise the people she works with. She developed the “Shout Out” board for employees to recognize other employees whose work they feel deserves recognition. We adore Mariah’s loving spirit and hard work, and it is for these reasons and more that we present Mariah Wicks with the Outstanding Employee Award! Thank you Mariah!

Callie Mort – Lead Teacher, Ladybugs/Angels I
Callie has been employed with The Child Care Center since August 2015. She is dependable and does just about everything from working with the little ones to driving a bus full of school-age children. Callie works primarily in two classrooms, but when she sees a need in the center, she steps up and fills it! Callie is a natural when it comes to children. She is gentle, fun, loving, and firm when needed. Callie is an asset to the center and we adore her! It is for these reasons and more that we present Call Mort with the Outstanding Employee Award! Thank you Callie!

Kayla Holley – Assistant Teacher, Ladybugs
Kayla has been employed with The Child Care Center for almost seven months, is a hard worker, and is dedicated to her job. Kayla is a perfect fit in her team. She works well with others, is fun, pleasant and gentle with children. She does a great job seeing problems before they happen and coming up with solutions. Kayla is a great addition to the Center and it is for these reasons and more we present Kayla Holley with the Outstanding Employee Award! Thank you Kayla!

Kristina Chandler – Lead Teacher, Angels I
Kristina has been employed with The Child Care Center since October 2012 and is dependable and dedicated. Kristina works hard and it shows; giving great care to the children she works with. Recently, we had an open position in Angels I for a lead teacher. We knew Kristina would be the best person to fill the position, and without any hesitation, Kristina accepted. She isn’t afraid to take on leadership roles and she is always willing to fill a need when she can. Kristina is a wonderful asset to The Center and it is for these reasons and more we present Kristina Chandler with the Outstanding Employee Award! Thank you Kristina!

Have A Very Happy April Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
April 1 - Piper A.
April 3 - Karson P. & Jett P.
April 6 - Heath H.
April 8 - Gavin L. & Maddox M.
April 14 - Harper H.
April 17 - Brea P.
April 19 - Miles M.
April 21 - James R.
April 23 - Avery M.
April 24 - Kendall K.
April 28 - Hazel L.

Child Care Center Staff:
April 1 – Cheyenne Mann
April 11 – Kelisha Snoddy
April 22 – Ashleigh Farr
April 23 – Kirsten Benson
April 23 – Des’Ree Glover
April 26 – Reagan McDoulett

A Message from Rev. Micah

Easter is Here!

At First Christian Church, April 16 is Easter Sunday and includes three worship times - 8:15am, 9:00am, and 11:00am. The morning will be filled with music, preaching, and a celebration of the risen Christ! There is also a yummy tradition of sharing an Easter brunch together. It is a come-and-go hot breakfast feast in our Fellowship Hall and all are invited! A nursery is available all morning.

This is a come as you are kind of place - the most important part is to celebrate together! For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me - Rev. Micah James at 405.341.3544.

Rev. Micah James
Associate Minister of Faith Development

Closing Thoughts…
“Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” Psalm 118:26