Director’s Message

Dear Child Care Center Families,

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

We have seen the glory of the one and only Son. Those words are powerful and have likely manifested themselves in many of your lives and in many different ways. Jesus coming to this earth manifest in a human body had many visual and real experiences for people living in Jesus’ times. That glory was seen through as Jesus preached, taught, healed, served, died, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. To be there to see those events would truly have been amazing and life changing. How have you seen the glory of the Son in your life? In Isaiah 43:7, the Bible tells us that we were created to glorify God. That glory can be manifest in many ways; by depending on God in everything we do, loving our neighbors, speaking the gospel to those around us, speaking words of grace to others, and by honoring God with our finances and blessing others when we have abundance.

Christmastime can be a tough time for many people including those that have lost loved ones, don’t know or depend on God, are going through tough times, or are in a  time of need. Christmastime is a wonderful time to give and help those around us and we want to honor God and give him glory by helping those around us in these times of struggle or need.

First, we would love to lift up in prayer anyone that needs or wants prayers. You can send me an email or share with me and we can confidentially lift you up in prayer. First Christian Church also has ministers available should you need them.  Second, we have an opportunity to bless those around us and bring glory to God by providing Christmas gifts for those in need. Next time you are in the Center, please visit our Angel Tree and consider blessing on of the children by purchasing a gift.  You may take an angel and return it with the gift (wrapped or unwrapped) by December 15.  Financial contributions are also accepted.  Thank you in advance for offering hope to children in need!

The children and teachers have been working so hard to prepare for the Christmas Program and are so excited to share with you and your family! Join us on Thursday, December 14 at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary. Santa will be here and a cookie reception will follow!  Doors open at 6:15 and we expect to have a packed house!  This year we are raffling off front row seats to the program.  Ten lucky winners will receive two front row seats! Click here to purchase your raffle tickets! All proceeds from the raffle will go to purchase items for the playground. 

Jeremy Miller, Director
First Christian Church Child Care Center

Dates to Remember

• December 14 - Christmas Program
• December 15 - Christmas Parties in the Classrooms
• Decembe5 15 - Angel Tree donations due
• December 21 - Janurary 3 - Edmond Public Schools out for Christmas Break
• December 25 & 26 - Center Closed for Christmas
• January 1 - Center Closed for New Year’s Day


• Please be sure that your child has a warm coat at the Center every day.
• Nap-time items should go home on Fridays to launder and return on Mondays.
• Stay connected on Facebook!  Like and follow us @FCCChildCareCenter.
• Please make sure your account is current before you leave for Christmas vacation.·      Always check your child in and out through the Center office.
• To receive important announcements about upcoming events or inclement weather closings via text, e-mail Heather Portillo at with your cell phone number and the name of your cell provider.

Did you know… 

For the safety of our parents, children, and staff as they travel to and from the Center during the winter months, the Child Care Center will be closed on the first day that Edmond Public Schools close for inclement weather. Upon evaluation, the Church property administrators and Child Care Center management will determine if the Center will remain closed or if it can be adequately staffed and safely opened on subsequent days.

Outstanding Employees of the Month!

McKinle Hodges – Assistant Teacher, Puppies
McKinle has been employed with the Child Care Center for about a year and a half. McKinle is an All Star employee! She works a consistent schedule and is very dependable! McKinle is a hard worker! She is organized and responsible. She goes above and beyond; helping where needed and takes great care of children! Parents and staff alike, have (on several occasions) complimented McKinle’s hard work and skills with children. We are blessed to have her on our team! For these reasons and more, we’ve selected McKinle Hodges as our Outstanding Employee of the Month! Thanks, McKinle!

Aspen Gibson – Assistant Teacher, Hearts
Aspen joined the Center staff only a short time ago. However, she has shown tremendous ownership and love for the Center. Since she has been here, she has worked a consistent schedule and is always on time! Aspen is dependable and hardworking! She commits all the time she can to being here for whatever is needed. Her co-workers appreciate her and so do we! We are blessed to have gained such an asset to our team! For these reasons and more, we’ve selected Aspen Gibson as our Outstanding Employee of the Month! Thank you Aspen for all you do!

Kayla Holley – Assistant Teacher, Ladybugs
Kayla has been employed with FCCCCCM for a little over a year. She has shown great skills in problem solving and patience! Kayla is great with children and works well with others. She goes over and beyond; she helps out with the needs of the Center whenever possible! Kayla works great with others and she is wonderful with children. We are blessed to have her on our team! For these reasons, and more, we select Kayla Holley as our Outstanding Employee of the month! Thank you Kayla for all you do!

Have A Very Happy December Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
December 2 - Carson M.
December 4 - Ashtyn M.
December 5 - Vivian K.
December 10 - Jace C.
December 12 - Khloe S.
December 14 - Madeline M. & Ava J.
December 15 - Adalynn A.
December 17 - Knox C.
December 20 - Daniel S.
December 21 - Claire R. & Caroline R.
December 23 - Emaline W.
December 24 - Alia G.
December 27 - Sophie P.

Child Care Center Staff:
December 16 - Bryan Becker
December 20 - Alyssa Douglas

A Message from Rev. Micah

Child Care Parents,

Whether you have a church home, wander into a worship service from time to time, or have no idea what the Christianity thing is all about... Christmas is a great time to simply come and be with those who know and love you. From celebrating with our children at the Child Care Center Christmas Musical or seeing some of those same faces at our Children's Christmas Eve Service, I want you to know this is a place where you can explore, you can question, you can have fun, and you can relax and experience the joy!

This season of preparation for Christmas is called ADVENT and is actually the NEW YEAR in the church. There is never a better time to dip your toe in or try something new. I invite you to visit to see if there is anything new you might want to experience this season. If I can help you navigate the season or any questions of your faith, please call or email me. I am always here to support you and your family.

Rev. Micah James
Associate Minister

Closing Thoughts…

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: The presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." Burton Hillias