Director’s Message

Dear Child Care Center Families,

Our Spring Carnival Fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to everyone for your donations, time volunteered, basket purchases, and your presence at the fundraiser! After expenses, we raised $3,352.04! We now have just over $21,352 to improve our playground. We are in the final phases of planning the improvements and hope to start by the middle of June. We could not have made this happen without your generosity and support. Thank you!

The school-age children are out of school, pools are open, and we are diving right into summer! Field trips begin Friday, June 2 for all three of the school-age groups. The younger groups have started water play this week, so please make sure you bring a change of clothes on those days.

We look forward to a fun-filled summer. Stop by any time and enjoy the fun!

Jeremy Miller, Director
First Christian Church Child Care Center

On the Calendar

June 2 - Field trips begin
June 15 - Popcorn With Pops, 4:00-5:30 - We will be celebrating the men in the lives of the children with popcorn, a photo booth and lots of fun!
June 22 - Farm Animals Petting Zoo
June 27 - Snow-cones
June 28 - Inflatables


•  Please take home all sleep items on Fridays to launder.
•  Please bring sunscreen for you child if you haven’t done so.
•  Bring swim suit, water shoes, and a towel for water play on your child’s designated day.  Water Play schedules are posted on classroom doors and at the main entrance.
•  School age parents, please turn in your summer permission slips and other paperwork.

Did you know… 

As we enter the spring season of Oklahoma weather, First Christian Church has identified specific areas of the church as “Tornado Safe Spots.” These are locations within the building considered a safe place to take shelter during the threat of a tornado and are easily identified with the “Tornado Safe Spot” icon to the left. If you would like to receive weather related text alerts and notifications, send your cell phone number and the name of your service provider to

Outstanding Employees of the Month

Tiffany Canfield – Lead Teacher – Explorers
Tiffany has been employed with Child Care Center since December 2014. She is responsible, flexible, and dependable. Tiffany works well with others and is honest and genuine.  She goes above and beyond for the Child Care Center. Tiffany is kind, gentle, and consistent with children. She provides a stimulating learning environment that promotes autonomy. We have been so blessed to have Tiffany on our team. Thank you, Tiffany for all you do!

Michelle Robertson – Teacher – Floater
Michelle has been with FCCCCCM since July 2014.  Despite carrying a heavy school load, she is dependable and flexible. If there is ever a need, Michelle works to make herself available. The most endearing quality Michelle has is her love for the children in this place. She is nurturing, kind, and fun-loving. Children love her and parents adore her. Michelle works well with others and maintains a positive attitude in any circumstances. We are so blessed to have Michelle on our team! Thank you, Michelle for all you do! 

Kayley Walters – Teacher – Monkeys
Kayley has been employed at the Center since April 2015. She is soft spoken, has a gentle spirit, and a bright smile! Kayley works well with others. She is a peace maker and an optimist. She tries to make the best out of any situation. When it comes to handling challenging behaviors, Kayley seeks to understand the heart of the problem. The children love her and parents adore her. Kayley is someone we can count on. She is consistent and dependable. Thank you,Kayley for all you do!

Have A Very Happy June Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
June 4 - Rhett H.
June 6 - Max B.
June 9 - Berlin S.
June 11 - Ellee W. & Hannah C.
June 18 - Kael H. & Maddox S.
June 20 - Lauren L. & Kinley G.
June 23 - Silas S. & Graham G.
June 24 - Jenna W.
June 25 - Ava S.
June 25 - Teegin S.
June 26 - Zoey J.
June 28 - Morgan S. & Treydon L.

Child Care Center Staff:
June 1 - Monica Townsdin
June 2 - Ashlyn Barnett
June 3 - Addison Baker
June 5 - McKinle Hodges
June 10 - Ryan Turpin
June 25 - Taryn Donson
June 29 - Robert Gordon

A Message from Rev. Micah

We invite you to devote part of your summer to prayer with our Praying for Our Kids devotional series. Starting June 1, First Christian Church will offer a bi-weekly e-mail devotional series focused on surrounding our children and youth in prayer. With each devotional, our prayers will surround them for specific characteristics of faithfulness. These devotionals will also inspire us, the adults, to be models of these attributes in our faith practices. We hope you will find this summer devotional series meaningful and inspirational.

To receive these devotionals, sign up at

 Rev. Micah James
Associate Minister of Faith Development

Closing Thoughts…

“Be who you needed when you were younger” — Michelle Kehoe